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This course is especially popular among students as they have recognized its importance and wish to choose a technology that helps them plan a better career. However, anyone who wants to brush up their skills or find a suitable job can apply for this course or certification.

Professionals who have benefited from this course are teachers, researchers, officers, auditors and accountants, to name a few.


To make students /learners/undergraduates/graduates/housewife/ kids/anyone computer-literate To equip students/ learner with data processing and office automation skills which have become part of life in today’s computerized world, anyone not knowing these basic skills can be considered as computer illiterate.

Course Highlights:-

Basic Level

JETSMART offers basic level course where student learn how to use word processing features, perform calculations, & develop powerful presentations using MS Office 2007/ 2010 by Certified and experienced trainers

Advanced Level

JETSMART offers advance level course where student can learn how to do advanced data analysis & solving analytical problems using Goal seeker, Solver, macros etc. Learn to design databases for small-medium business organizations, write queries & get reports using MS Access .


  • Computers and its basic operation
  • MS Office MSWord, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel , Outlook Express
  • Email, Chat and Internet

Key Features & Benefits:-

  • Learner becomes computer literate
  • Structured learning Process
  • Additional Practice sessions
  • Learning day to day operations.
  • Focus on practical operational knowledge of computers.
  • Basic features of MS Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • How to using internet, email and chat
  • Important Features:-
  • Lowest Fee
  • Full Course covering every advanced topics
  • Experienced Corporate Trainer
  • Fully Air-condition class rooms
  • Small batch size of 3 to 4 students
  • Individual attention
  • Standard study material

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