The training delivery will incorporate the following approaches:



Expectations analysis – The consultant will collect and analyse information on the expectations of the participants at the start of the training session. This information will be used, where possible, to tailor-make the training to the training delivery to satisfy participants’ expectations. The expectations analysis will also help the facilitator to appreciate the working contexts of the participants to which the training needs to build on in order to be successful.
Feedback analysis and interaction – The consultant monitors the uptake of concepts and practical application; feedback will constantly be sought from the participants through question and answer sessions and in-depth discussion of material presented to the participants. Brainstorming interaction will be both between participants and the facilitator and among participants on their own through focused group discussions on selected applicable topics.
Daily recap – also to monitor uptake of concepts, practical application, as well as to enhance the contentedness and flow of the training topics from one day to another, the training sessions will commence with a recap session each morning.


Conceptual understanding with Practical learning – it is understood that for the training to be effective, the participants should be able to understand the concepts and apply them in practical situations. Conceptual understanding will be enhanced by a dynamic presentation approach including graphics.
Contextualized material – case studies, examples and practical exercises will be carefully chosen and contextualized within the research and development field and with relevance to agriculture. Therefore the training itself will begin by laying an R&D contextual foundation and build on it.
Energizers – the facilitators will employ energizer breaks where necessary to maintain the required level of participant alertness and participation in the training sessions.


Values During Training:

The following values will guide the facilitator in the delivery of the training.
Cultural sensitivity – the facilitators will endeavor to obtain prior understanding of the local culture and respect the cultural diversity.
Conducive learning environment – the facilitators intend to create a friendly and welcoming learning environment which provides all participants with an opportunity to learn through interaction.
Excellence – the facilitators are bound to deliver and high international standard training session built on their vast experience.

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