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Cloud Enabled is not just a training organization but is also a Cloud Enterprise which has partnered with Cloud Service providers to deliver their cloud services to Enterprise customers. Since we are work with cloud Employers and Cloud service providers for providing solutions to our customers. we are aware what they are looking at from Cloud job aspirants. Hence the course has been designed, developed by a certified Cloud Expert ( Anil Bidari) who is aware of what cloud employers are looking at and the skills gap job aspirants have, so we basically bridge the gap through our industry required curriculum.

The agenda for the course is outlined below

  • Cloud Foundation
    • Virtualization Foundation
    • Demystify Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing – Deployment Models
    • Cloud Computing – Service Models
    • Cloud Computing – Security and Compliance
    • Cloud Computing –Benefits and Limitations
  • Linux and Virtualization Foundation
    • VM Player Installation
    • Ubuntu Installation Module
    • Basic Linux Commands
    • Other Linux commands necessary for Cloud Installation Lab
  • Cloud Specialist ( Architecture and Design)
    • Cloud Compute- Advanced Module
    • Cloud Storage – Advanced Module
    • Cloud Backup – Advanced Module
    • Cloud Service Management – Advanced Module
    • Cloud Computing – Business Continuity
    • Anil Bidari’s BSC Approach to Cloud
    • Cloud Computing – Design Workshop
  • VMware ESX Server(Install Manage and Configure HA )
    • VMware ESX 5.1 – Landscape
    • ESX 5.1 Hypervisor – Installation and Configure
    • vCenter – Installation and Configure
    • Virtual Machine (Linux) – Create and Manage
    • Virtual Machine (Windows) – Create and Manage
    • Configure Cluster and High Availability
  • Xen Server(Install Manage and Configure HA )
    • Xen Server – Landscape
    • Xen Server – Installation and Configure
    • XenCenter – Installation and Configure
    • Virtual Machine (Linux) – Create and Manage
    • Virtual Machine (Windows) – Create and Manage
    • Configure Cluster and High Availability
  • Microsoft Hyper-V(Install Manage and Configure HA )
    • Microsoft Virtualization Overview
    • Microsoft Win server 2008- Installation Module
    • Hyper- V- Role Configuration
    • Hyper- V- Virtual Machine and Disk Creation
    • Virtual Machine Guest OS Installation of Linux
    • Virtual Machine Management
    • Configure User Roles and Self-Service Portal
    • Configure and Implement High Availability
  • OpenStack Cloud Deployment
    • Open Stack –An Overview
    • Open Stack – Installation Module
    • Open Stack – Key Stone Module
    • Open Stack – Glance Module
    • Open Stack – Cinder Module
    • Open Stack – Quantum Module
    • Open Stack – Nova Module
    • Open Stack – Horizon Module
    • Open Stack – Dashboard Module
    • Open Stack – Test Your Public Cloud
  • Training Duration – 4 Weekends classroom Training
  • Exam Duration – One Hour each

Certified Cloud Architect – Implemenation Engineer

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